NKH Condo design & styled Studio Apartment in Gurgaon

This 1,100-square-feet, 14th-floor Gurgaon apartment is cocooned in the characteristic swishness and debonair flair of a boutique Manhattan condo. Deep browns, ash greys and ocean blues, and an equal combination of raw and refined elements, collide in a heady cornucopia, giving the home a cool and edgy appeal. Walk a little further and peer out the window, and you’re treated to a stunning view of the Gurgaon skyline. This 1-BHK flat is a veritable jewel box amidst Gurgaon’s big-league apartments. “The inspiration for this home stems from its resident—a well-travelled bachelor and his three cats—who yearned for a retreat far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The home is a reflection of the client’s free spirit, exuberance and wanderlust-struck soul. We espoused an approach of ‘minimum furniture with maximum style’ and tailored the decor around the needs of the home’s feline denizens,” says Nitin Kohli, founder and principal designer of Nitin Kohli Home.

Living Room

The living room, swathed in blue, gold and beige, masquerades as a spiffy lounge-cum-all-day-space. Its muted ceramic flooring sports a white wooden finish, giving the contemporary aesthetic the slightest whiff of coastal-chic. The seating area is composed of large multifunctional furniture pieces. Anchored by a sumptuous cobalt sofa, it is complemented by a large television and modern fireplace. An accent wall of mud-brown bricks, a red brick and coconut shell centre table, a wood and wrought iron bench, basic unpolished wooden tables, bookshelves made of fly ash brick and wooden blocks, and a brown rug infuse rusticity and warmth into the carefully-curated decor scheme. A mouse grey lounger occupies one corner, serving as an informal knock-back nook. “We chose enduring materials while keeping aesthetics in mind,” says Kohli.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is cocooned in masculine elements with a leather bed, grey walls, laminated wooden flooring and minimalist decor. A large window bathes the room in natural light, acting as a sunny antidote to the brooding interior. “A bold customised wallpaper featuring Mount Everest is emblematic of the strength of the human spirit; a sentiment that resonates deeply with the client,” avers Kohli.


The shoebox study comes alive with an array of striking artwork. “As private and sequestered as it is, this fourteenth-floor study is enveloped in nature’s vibrant energy and offers a dazzling view of the Gurgaon skyline,” says Kohli.

The article above as featured in Architectural Digest India.

NKH Condo

NKH Condo is conceived on the belief that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space to call home. “This belief stands at the very core of our work. We offer luxurious, yet affordable spaces that reflect a stylish urban lifestyle. We want to transform spaces into great places to live where well-being is paramount. So we are offering more accessible interiors without jeopardising the foundational creativity,” says the designer.


The collection has a range of interior services and furniture products designed to meet the demands of a faster moving lifestyle and also, to cater to the design requirements of property developers and investors.

The first NKH Condo has a “solo traveller” theme, so you will see a free spirit running through it, with travel memorabilia and mementos woven into the décor.

10 A.jpg

The theme will be replaced with a new concept periodically.   

Residence Project by NKH: Ocean Drive, Sentosa, Singapore.

3 2.jpg

Set in the lap of luxury at Ocean Drive, Sentosa, Singapore. The house widespread at 7000 sqft with backwaters in the rear, swimming pool along the length of the house and a waterbody at the entrance has its Interior and Furniture designed by Nitin Kohli.

The house is designed in a very contemporary style architecture on tales of modern furniture with a twist of Indian Ethnicity. We used a lot of metal finishes such as copper, steel and brass.

With an awestruck walk through the entrance of the house the Main Door is customised with handles made in pure copper & steel.


Sunlight floods in from all corners because of the vast windows that have a flattering view of the bay area in the rear. The ground floor houses a large lobby and an even larger living & dining area with the guest bedroom and kitchen.

Behold the Turquoise coloured glass on the Bar front to match the extraordinary bay waters in the rare of the house. Every tale of the house is thread with a lot of inspiration from the magnanimous appeal of the South China Sea. The Fabrics were methodically selected in hues of Cream & Silver and accessorised with artworks, murals and cushions to add splashes of vibrant colour. The living and dining over looks the backwaters from the South China Sea.

ARJ_3813 A.jpg

The complete house is done up in white statuario marble and supported by pristine white walls. The furniture for the living, dining and lobby was carefully designed on very contemporary lines and stylised with ethnic Indian cushions and silverware to add warmth. The dining is done in wood and copper finish with a brass finish chandelier.


As we move up to the first floor the earthy warmth of wood comes in to play in the staircase & the family lounge.

The family lounge is signature styled with the warmth of a book shelf supported by a gold color wallpaper and pure hardwood floor.

An uninterrupted view of the backwaters surrounds the beauty of the Master Bedroom of Mita & Amit Bhagat. The centre table in brass adds to the Indian ethnicity which compliments the modern furniture laid out in picturesque view.

ARJ_3915 A.jpg

The bedrooms for the 14 yr old twins, Abeer & Meher are designed in complete contrast.

Abeer’s bedroom has dark Merbau hardwood floor along with dark steel grey bed and walls designed in steps with futuristic lighting. Meher’s room has Merbau hardwood floors with lilac walls and white country furniture.

Diverse materials and textures create a dynamic effect in the visualisation of the house and was successfully achieved to the depths of sketches turned to real visuals that leaves a tranquil feel to the eyes.

4 2.jpg

Eldeco Live By the Greens – Interiors for Sales Pavilion and Sample Apartment

The project: Eldeco Live By the Greens, is an expansive area designed to be a dream home destination for generations enabling a healthy, active and purposeful life.

For their interiors of a 8000sqft space incorporating both sales pavilion and the sample apartment they wanted the same look and feel riveting it to a one stop destination to truly, live by the greens.

Architecture: ACPL India 

Architecturally set to the lines of symmetry and a modern structure, the glass facade enters in to a massive 180 degree view encapsulating the reception at the front followed by open discussion areas to your left and more personalised discussion rooms on your right. For a bright fresh look of the reception we chose lacquered glass wall cladding in parallel to the exterior.


Since the flooring of this area was already set we chose colour of more grey tones with the tinge of greens in line to the feel and theme of the Project – Live by the Greens. The custom designed signage of the reception is an idea coined by Mr Harbinder Singh from Eldeco and executed by our team. The furniture design for both the discussion areas is modern. Fabrics chosen are of soft leatherite with a high martindale for longer use and a shade of leaf green with dark grey. The open discussion room on the left is placed over a customised carpet with yarns matching to the fabrics of the furniture and opposite we went ahead with full floor carpets breaking the existing floor look.

As you move forward and behind the reception wall, on the right there is a long conference room with a palette of grey, black and white offset with earthy plank brown followed by a staff room.


In the centre of this area is a large birds-eye view Model of the project. With one large wall of customised wallpaper and the opposite with an acrylic print of one render of the project as anticipated. Both the walls have furniture ahead of them for comfort seating. Fabrics and tones of coffee tables, chairs and sofa have been kept in line with the entrance area to envelope the Sales Pavilion in tune to each other. Opposite the conference and the staff area are two more discussion rooms.

Moving ahead of this section are two galleries. One which is host to Eldeco’ prestigious projects accomplished across India and the other is home to the upcoming Project- Eldeco: Live by the Greens.

For the Eldeco Project Gallery we chose a more formal, classical look even with the photographs in display. All the walls are cladded with veneer panelings and linear lights behind it giving a formal touch to the photographs in display.

For the other gallery we chose a more bright, green, fresh and more vibrant look with an artificial greens chandelier on top and large canvas mounted prints of renders of the project’ various aspects.


For this particular project our choice of interiors was a fulfilling palette of myriad shades of green with a bounty of earthy tones encapsulating the essence of forest hues and mountain skies.  Its modern, its welcoming and its living in the present with a promising dawn of a brighter future. 

Keep a lookout for our next post, where we elaborate how we did the interiors for the Sample Apartment for the same project.

Project: Eldeco Live By the Greens, Sector 150, Noida
Architecture: ACPL India
Interiors: Nitin Kohli Home

Avant Garde – Collection 2018

The newly launched store for Nitin Kohli Home, renowned for its stunning, bespoke furniture and interior products, launches its new collection – Avant Garde.

The exclusive range brims with a profoundly radical and experimental silhouettes and forms, at the same time presenting a unique grandeur and style. A tapestry of modern hues and classic shades runs through the timeless collection. An effervescent style lends the pieces a refreshing Avant Garde vibe. 

04a.jpgIn the Image: Benjamin (L Shape Sofa), Alex (Coffee Table) & Lady with the Horse (Canvas Print Artwork)

The “Avant Garde” collection is styled in a subtle contemporary, yet artistic stroke of design set in the warmth of handpicked accessories from across the globe to give an edge to the furniture on display. Every piece has a unique name giving their silhouette a deeper meaning with an impactful and distinctive feature.

The bespoke furniture is marked by the highest attention to detail, which is the hallmark of Nitin’s pursuit of excellence that pulls out all the stops. Luxe materials, sumptuous upholstery, curious silhouettes, impeccable craftsmanship… are all par for the course.


The unmatched expertise of craftsmen, along with the unique design philosophy, ensures that these remarkable pieces will have an everlasting impression for generations to come.

Nitin Kohli Home Showhouse – Upcoming New Collection

From FDC to Nitin Kohli Home for the past four months has been quite the journey we hoped for and what we now look forward to is the Showhouse’ new look amidst the warmth carried forward in the new signature design elements.


The new look of the showhouse aims at stimulating and inspiring the creativity of all who come to visit the wealth of styles within its rooms. Located next to Qutub Minar at Ambawatta One, New Delhi the showhouse brings together diverse ingredients of design innovation, effervescent colour palettes with various looks to choose from.

20180723_105748.jpg(a sneak-peek into the present)

Before we unveil the twists and turns of our creatively planned showhouse in the coming days, here’s a hello from us all in the beginning of August 2018.


Millennial Pink: Color of the Moment

A timeless color, yet “very now” – Millennial Pink otherwise known as the color of the moment. A sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon that seems to have taken a rage over Fashion & Design collectively. There are many theories of it rising to the moment such as Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014 with embodies a kind of arch retro-kitsch and is centred on a building painted several kinds of pink. Others relate it to the rose gold iPhone 2015 or when Pantone named rose quartz its joint color of 2016 and pale dogwood is one of its colours for spring 2017. Whatever the theory be, we can definitely see designers pouring buckets of pink in every detail of interior or fashion and if we are not wrong we can see it also taking over the food & beauty industry!!


So what exactly is the millennial pink doing to the interior design world?

Its making the world dare to paint a full wall pink or making them use it even in the smallest of details like a bed throw! This pink has a particular 80s throwback feel and hence you can’t really go wrong when you mix it up with the classic grey’ or white. But again, how do you also not kill the essence of it and make it long lasting? if you’re attracted to Scandinavian Style, think pink as an accent wall with blonde woods to create a contemporary look.




If you’re still not confident about designing with the color pink then hold back on painting all of the walls in your room with it. Simply focus on balance. Balance of the color with neutrals. The millennial pink as a feel of a more lighter, dusty tone hence if used well it can definitely pitch for a warm mature look.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.52.05 PM.png



Fall 2017 Color Trend from the likes of New York Runway

Fall 2017 Interior Design Color Trend

Not all falls are brown, beige, black or grey some are red, tawny and shaded spruce! Welcome the seasoned affection from the heart of Brooklyn Bridge’ dynamic Grenadine Red and the tawny Autumn Maple!!

A mix of the warm palette with the brightness of Marina and the elegance of Ballet Pink touching the softness to the eccentric likes of tawny port and golden lime. The eternal standard 70s – 2000s is wearing off and welcoming the modern lines of soft silhouettes on shore of effervescent curves of the furniture.

As comforting and soothing these colors are they give out a striking touch when paired with the classical autumnal shades of Navy Peony, Neutral Gray, Butterrum and Tawny Port.

Drop by at our showhouse in Ambawatta One, Mehrauli and get a glimpse of the latest Fall 2017 trend for Interior Design.

Wall Color Trends for 2017

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

We all are at times slightly nervous of the Wall Color that we may want to pick for our perfect Interior Look. Confused, also between Latest Trend v/s A Classic to last a year if nothing!

A perfect color combination will set right the look, feel and intensity of interiors making it the right decision for a lifetime! There are a multiple ways to choose the perfect paint color. Of-course getting the professional help to choose the colors is much load off the shoulder but here’s a gorgeous set of colors that we found and you can pick from and they sure seem to be raving the 2017!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.40.27 AM.png
By the Benjamin Moore Color & Design Team

You want to love the colours that surround you. So when imagining (or reimagining) a room, remember the influence colour will have on the mood of the space. The effect may be subtle or dramatic. It can encourage tranquility or boost energy, even make you feel optimistic or more introspective.








Do get in touch with us when you are lost in the conquest of scoring the perfect color for your interiors  !

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Sound of Luxury

via Daily Prompt: Sound

Luxury interior design comes with a little more than just the word luxury to make it look and feel the top notch elite class.

Luxury in other synonyms is also the sound of independence. A sound of free spirit wandering and residing in the laps of comforting interiors. It cannot be contained in a monochromatic lifestyle, but a wide hue of colors with the tinge of classy and royal palette.

Source: Google

Sound of Luxury is also the sound of waves of a pool on a top floor building with the cityscape of the world around you. It resides in the smooth velvet drapes and statement pieces over stunning floor designs. For some of us, this is home. For a few, this is home away from home. For others, this is where its all business.

Armani Hotel, Dubai

Rosewood London

Balthazar Champagne Bar by SPACE Copenhagen

Whatever it may be to us beneath our souls, the Sound of Luxury is hard to achieve, more hard to contain and even harder to forget.

Spring’17 Top 10 Color Trend – Interiors

In the article published by Laurie Pressman from the Pantone Color Institute, the Top 10 colors of Spring 2017 have a promising kickstart to a fresh, more connected, rooted and vibrant palette scheme that compliments the Color of the Year 2017 – Greenery.

Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada may have softly quoted “Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking.” which this color palette may appear to the layman a regular stroke of choice but its the handpicked tone, intensity, feel of the colors picked by the Pantone Color Institute, that flatteringly put us to a groundbreaking thought of connecting us to what it aims for – Mixture of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors

The colors are reminiscent of the hues that surround us in Nature and evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling. From the Warmth of the Primrose Yellow to the feeling of fresh mountain air with the Kale Green the color palette captures the promises, hope and transformation that we yearn for each Spring.

An easy cut to an insight of mixing colors in the palette? Well, as long as you apply these dramatically, consciously and with the apt amount we surely can foretell you just set up your interior decor in the latest 2017 Color Trends!


NITIN KOHLI, the designer

Nitin Kohli is a Delhi based Interior Designer fabricating some of the Nations and a few International well renowned interior spaces for over two decades.

A Modernite by soul Nitin, has been devoted to his passion for interiors since 1992 and formally brought into existence what we know today as, Furncraft DeCollage in the year 2000. Nitin believes in infusing both Art & Design to bring out the best of bespoke Interior solutions.

His works include a perfect blend of contemporary yet profound classic style of Furniture. His Interior Design Brand, Furncraft DeCollage offers exquisite and premium range of self designed and manufactured high-end furniture. He is known for his warm approach with his clients giving the best solutions in creating remarkable spaces.

Nitin’s philosophy for his excellence in his work is to Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourself with good education. Lead, by example with hope & never fear.