NKH Condo design & styled Studio Apartment in Gurgaon

This 1,100-square-feet, 14th-floor Gurgaon apartment is cocooned in the characteristic swishness and debonair flair of a boutique Manhattan condo. Deep browns, ash greys and ocean blues, and an equal combination of raw and refined elements, collide in a heady cornucopia, giving the home a cool and edgy appeal. Walk a little further and peer out the window, and you’re treated to a stunning view of the Gurgaon skyline. This 1-BHK flat is a veritable jewel box amidst Gurgaon’s big-league apartments. “The inspiration for this home stems from its resident—a well-travelled bachelor and his three cats—who yearned for a retreat far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The home is a reflection of the client’s free spirit, exuberance and wanderlust-struck soul. We espoused an approach of ‘minimum furniture with maximum style’ and tailored the decor around the needs of the home’s feline denizens,” says Nitin Kohli, founder and principal designer of Nitin Kohli Home.

Living Room

The living room, swathed in blue, gold and beige, masquerades as a spiffy lounge-cum-all-day-space. Its muted ceramic flooring sports a white wooden finish, giving the contemporary aesthetic the slightest whiff of coastal-chic. The seating area is composed of large multifunctional furniture pieces. Anchored by a sumptuous cobalt sofa, it is complemented by a large television and modern fireplace. An accent wall of mud-brown bricks, a red brick and coconut shell centre table, a wood and wrought iron bench, basic unpolished wooden tables, bookshelves made of fly ash brick and wooden blocks, and a brown rug infuse rusticity and warmth into the carefully-curated decor scheme. A mouse grey lounger occupies one corner, serving as an informal knock-back nook. “We chose enduring materials while keeping aesthetics in mind,” says Kohli.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is cocooned in masculine elements with a leather bed, grey walls, laminated wooden flooring and minimalist decor. A large window bathes the room in natural light, acting as a sunny antidote to the brooding interior. “A bold customised wallpaper featuring Mount Everest is emblematic of the strength of the human spirit; a sentiment that resonates deeply with the client,” avers Kohli.


The shoebox study comes alive with an array of striking artwork. “As private and sequestered as it is, this fourteenth-floor study is enveloped in nature’s vibrant energy and offers a dazzling view of the Gurgaon skyline,” says Kohli.

The article above as featured in Architectural Digest India.



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