NKH Condo

NKH Condo is conceived on the belief that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space to call home. “This belief stands at the very core of our work. We offer luxurious, yet affordable spaces that reflect a stylish urban lifestyle. We want to transform spaces into great places to live where well-being is paramount. So we are offering more accessible interiors without jeopardising the foundational creativity,” says the designer.


The collection has a range of interior services and furniture products designed to meet the demands of a faster moving lifestyle and also, to cater to the design requirements of property developers and investors.

The first NKH Condo has a “solo traveller” theme, so you will see a free spirit running through it, with travel memorabilia and mementos woven into the décor.

10 A.jpg

The theme will be replaced with a new concept periodically.   


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