Residence Project by NKH: Ocean Drive, Sentosa, Singapore.

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Set in the lap of luxury at Ocean Drive, Sentosa, Singapore. The house widespread at 7000 sqft with backwaters in the rear, swimming pool along the length of the house and a waterbody at the entrance has its Interior and Furniture designed by Nitin Kohli.

The house is designed in a very contemporary style architecture on tales of modern furniture with a twist of Indian Ethnicity. We used a lot of metal finishes such as copper, steel and brass.

With an awestruck walk through the entrance of the house the Main Door is customised with handles made in pure copper & steel.


Sunlight floods in from all corners because of the vast windows that have a flattering view of the bay area in the rear. The ground floor houses a large lobby and an even larger living & dining area with the guest bedroom and kitchen.

Behold the Turquoise coloured glass on the Bar front to match the extraordinary bay waters in the rare of the house. Every tale of the house is thread with a lot of inspiration from the magnanimous appeal of the South China Sea. The Fabrics were methodically selected in hues of Cream & Silver and accessorised with artworks, murals and cushions to add splashes of vibrant colour. The living and dining over looks the backwaters from the South China Sea.

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The complete house is done up in white statuario marble and supported by pristine white walls. The furniture for the living, dining and lobby was carefully designed on very contemporary lines and stylised with ethnic Indian cushions and silverware to add warmth. The dining is done in wood and copper finish with a brass finish chandelier.


As we move up to the first floor the earthy warmth of wood comes in to play in the staircase & the family lounge.

The family lounge is signature styled with the warmth of a book shelf supported by a gold color wallpaper and pure hardwood floor.

An uninterrupted view of the backwaters surrounds the beauty of the Master Bedroom of Mita & Amit Bhagat. The centre table in brass adds to the Indian ethnicity which compliments the modern furniture laid out in picturesque view.

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The bedrooms for the 14 yr old twins, Abeer & Meher are designed in complete contrast.

Abeer’s bedroom has dark Merbau hardwood floor along with dark steel grey bed and walls designed in steps with futuristic lighting. Meher’s room has Merbau hardwood floors with lilac walls and white country furniture.

Diverse materials and textures create a dynamic effect in the visualisation of the house and was successfully achieved to the depths of sketches turned to real visuals that leaves a tranquil feel to the eyes.

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