Eldeco Live By the Greens – Interiors for Sales Pavilion and Sample Apartment (2018)

The project: Eldeco Live By the Greens, is an expansive area designed to be a dream home destination for generations enabling a healthy, active and purposeful life.

For their interiors of a 8000sqft space incorporating both sales pavilion and the sample apartment they wanted the same look and feel riveting it to a one stop destination to truly, live by the greens.


Architecture: ACPL India

Architecturally set to the lines of symmetry and a modern structure, the glass facade enters in to a massive 180 degree view encapsulating the reception at the front followed by open discussion areas to your left and more personalised discussion rooms on your right. For a bright fresh look of the reception we chose lacquered glass wall cladding in parallel to the exterior.


Since the flooring of this area was already set we chose colour of more grey tones with the tinge of greens in line to the feel and theme of the Project – Live by the Greens. The custom designed signage of the reception is an idea coined by Mr Harbinder Singh from Eldeco and executed by our team. The furniture design for both the discussion areas is modern. Fabrics chosen are of soft leatherite with a high martindale for longer use and a shade of leaf green with dark grey. The open discussion room on the left is placed over a customised carpet with yarns matching to the fabrics of the furniture and opposite we went ahead with full floor carpets breaking the existing floor look.

As you move forward and behind the reception wall, on the right there is a long conference room with a palette of grey, black and white offset with earthy plank brown followed by a staff room.


In the centre of this area is a large birds-eye view Model of the project. With one large wall of customised wallpaper and the opposite with an acrylic print of one render of the project as anticipated. Both the walls have furniture ahead of them for comfort seating. Fabrics and tones of coffee tables, chairs and sofa have been kept in line with the entrance area to envelope the Sales Pavilion in tune to each other. Opposite the conference and the staff area are two more discussion rooms.

Moving ahead of this section are two galleries. One which is host to Eldeco’ prestigious projects accomplished across India and the other is home to the upcoming Project- Eldeco: Live by the Greens.

For the Eldeco Project Gallery we chose a more formal, classical look even with the photographs in display. All the walls are cladded with veneer panelings and linear lights behind it giving a formal touch to the photographs in display.

For the other gallery we chose a more bright, green, fresh and more vibrant look with an artificial greens chandelier on top and large canvas mounted prints of renders of the project’ various aspects.


For this particular project our choice of interiors was a fulfilling palette of myriad shades of green with a bounty of earthy tones encapsulating the essence of forest hues and mountain skies.  Its modern, its welcoming and its living in the present with a promising dawn of a brighter future. 

Keep a lookout for our next post, where we elaborate how we did the interiors for the Sample Apartment for the same project.

Project: Eldeco Live By the Greens, Sector 150, Noida
Architecture: ACPL India
Interiors: Nitin Kohli Home


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  1. Sameera June 7, 2019

    Hi, was looking out for an interior designer for our apartment in Goa.

    1. Nitin Kohli Home June 17, 2019

      Hey Sameera!
      Would be great if you can share your contact details for the team to get in touch with you. Our email id: nkh.kdi@gmail.com
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