Nitin Kohli Home Showhouse – Upcoming New Collection

From FDC to Nitin Kohli Home for the past four months has been quite the journey we hoped for and what we now look forward to is the Showhouse’ new look amidst the warmth carried forward in the new signature design elements.


The new look of the showhouse aims at stimulating and inspiring the creativity of all who come to visit the wealth of styles within its rooms. Located next to Qutub Minar at Ambawatta One, New Delhi the showhouse brings together diverse ingredients of design innovation, effervescent colour palettes with various looks to choose from.

20180723_105748.jpg(a sneak-peek into the present)

Before we unveil the twists and turns of our creatively planned showhouse in the coming days, here’s a hello from us all in the beginning of August 2018.



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