Millennial Pink: Color of the Moment

A timeless color, yet “very now” – Millennial Pink otherwise known as the color of the moment. A sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon that seems to have taken a rage over Fashion & Design collectively. There are many theories of it rising to the moment such as Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014 with embodies a kind of arch retro-kitsch and is centred on a building painted several kinds of pink. Others relate it to the rose gold iPhone 2015 or when Pantone named rose quartz its joint color of 2016 and pale dogwood is one of its colours for spring 2017. Whatever the theory be, we can definitely see designers pouring buckets of pink in every detail of interior or fashion and if we are not wrong we can see it also taking over the food & beauty industry!!


So what exactly is the millennial pink doing to the interior design world?

Its making the world dare to paint a full wall pink or making them use it even in the smallest of details like a bed throw! This pink has a particular 80s throwback feel and hence you can’t really go wrong when you mix it up with the classic grey’ or white. But again, how do you also not kill the essence of it and make it long lasting? if you’re attracted to Scandinavian Style, think pink as an accent wall with blonde woods to create a contemporary look.




If you’re still not confident about designing with the color pink then hold back on painting all of the walls in your room with it. Simply focus on balance. Balance of the color with neutrals. The millennial pink as a feel of a more lighter, dusty tone hence if used well it can definitely pitch for a warm mature look.

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