Sound of Luxury

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Luxury interior design comes with a little more than just the word luxury to make it look and feel the top notch elite class.

Luxury in other synonyms is also the sound of independence. A sound of free spirit wandering and residing in the laps of comforting interiors. It cannot be contained in a monochromatic lifestyle, but a wide hue of colors with the tinge of classy and royal palette.

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Sound of Luxury is also the sound of waves of a pool on a top floor building with the cityscape of the world around you. It resides in the smooth velvet drapes and statement pieces over stunning floor designs. For some of us, this is home. For a few, this is home away from home. For others, this is where its all business.

Armani Hotel, Dubai
Rosewood London
Balthazar Champagne Bar by SPACE Copenhagen

Whatever it may be to us beneath our souls, the Sound of Luxury is hard to achieve, more hard to contain and even harder to forget.

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